Our Lady of Fatima School celebrates and practices the bilingual heritage of Canada and reflects, in the makeup of our student body, our country’s rich multicultural diversity. The commonality for every part of our school community is the tradition and practices of the Roman Catholic faith.

Our Lady of Fatima School as an inclusive school, our special needs students are enrolled in both the primary and intermediate programs. In addition to the provincial curriculum in French and English, Our Lady of Fatima School teaches a religion curriculum developed by the archdiocese. School masses take place twice a month at Our Lady of Fatima Church and are celebrated by the school’s pastor, Fr. Patrick Chisholm. The masses are conducted in French and English. As well, a teacher para-liturgy committee organizes devotional activities and services for special feast days and the cyclical events of the liturgical calendar. Students are the main presenters at these events. Grade two and grade seven are sacramental years in the school. Grade two is the year of first confession and first communion. Grade seven is the year of confirmation. Catholic faith in the school is the underpinning for all other studies and activities. The parents, staff, students and the parish work and worship together as a faith community.

The school employs a music specialist, a physical education specialist and a core French specialist for students in the English program.

Concerts, sports and a variety of clubs provide the students and their families with enrichment activities beyond the classroom programs.