The Leadership Team is an interest-based activity, where interested students make a commitment to coming together regularly to build teamwork skills and organize service projects for the school community. Past activities have included a role in Pink Shirt Day, leading fundraisers such as BC Children’s Hospital Jeans Day, Silence for Life to value all human life, and fundraiser sales for people in need around the world. We have also been able to attend two of the CISVA Elementary Schools Student Council Conferences.


The Peer Mediator Program is an important part of Project Respect at Our Lady of Fatima School. It is composed of grade 6 and 7 students who demonstrate leadership skills. Our peer mediators take on many roles at school that include helping students uncover and solve problems, assist younger students in engaging in appropriate play, and acting as visible and empathetic role models for our entire school community. Peer mediation is a both a program and a process where students facilitate resolving disputes between two people or small groups. The peer mediators are trained to use the 5 Step Problem Solving Model as well as administer minor first aid.


The yearbook team is composed of grade 7 students who want to be involved in creating the yearbook that will focus on their years at Fatima. The students will be assigned a job in creating this yearbook: data collectors will collect information, photos, etc. that are needed for various people. The photographers will take photos as needed during different school events. Journalists write the stories that need to be written into the yearbook and data entry are the students who will input information on the computer such as the photos, stories, and extra designs.


Readers are Leaders is a fun, competitive reading trivia program open to Grades 5,6 and 7 students. Groups of students are responsible for reading six novels chosen by Librarians in the CISVA. The six books are selected from the 12 fiction finalists for the Canadian Red Cedar Award. Students begin reading the books in December and make notes and create questions related to the novels. From January to March students meet once a week to discuss the novels they have read, exchange study questions and have practice competitions based on the questions they created. An in-school competition will be held in mid-March to determine which students will advance to the Regional competition. Regional competitions for the winning team from each school will be held in early April. The final competition will be held in late April.



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