French Immersion Program

L’Ecole Notre Dame de Fatima offers an early immersion program from kindergarten through to grade 7.

The students who are enrolled in the program learn to read, write and speak in French. They also learn about the French Canadian culture through songs, plays, and cultural presentations.  They celebrate their bilingualism during French Immersion week (in April) and they participate in Verbathon (in May).

In the early immersion program, the students in the primary grades receive 80% – 100% instruction in French.  In Grade 3, English language arts is introduced and throughout the intermediate grades the students receive 60% -80% instruction in French. Our school follows the French Immersion curriculum as designated by the B.C. Ministry of Education. In addition to our bilingual teachers, we employ a French learning resource teacher and several bilingual educational assistants who support the French Immersion program and provide extra classroom assistance to the students. The French immersion students participate in French during school masses, para liturgies, assemblies, concerts and presentations.