Grade 6 French

Grade 6 is a year filled with learning adventures.  As students’ progress into the upper intermediate grades they will take on more responsibility within the classroom and school.  Students will be given many opportunities to demonstrate their learning through technology, hands-on-learning and group work.  French is the language of instruction for approximately 80% of the school day.


The Profession of Faith:

  • Explore Covenant as the narrative of the Salvation Story
  • Describe God’s call to Adam and Eve to enter into faithful relationship with Him and the consequences of their response
  • Compare Noah’s response to God’s call with Adam and Eve’s
  • Identify the significance of God’s call to Abraham to be the Father of Faith
  • Analyze how the Commandments given to Moses helps us to live in covenantal relationship with God and others
  • Examine how the call of David renews God’s covenant and foreshadows the coming of the Messiah
  • Provide examples of Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Covenant


Celebration of the Christian Mystery:

  • Participate in Mass as the way to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist
  • Compare and contrast the Passover, Last Supper, and Celebration of Eucharist with respect to the fulfillment of the Covenant
  • Identify how regular participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation strengthens the covenantal relationship with God
  • Relate the Liturgical seasons to the Salvation story
  • Explain how the Easter Triduum is the pinnacle event on the Salvation History

Life in Christ:

  • Explore how the Beatitudes, the fulfillment of the Ten Commandments calls us to live with each other in the covenant with God
  • Describe how Mary’s responses to God’s call models discipleship
  • Connect the Beatitudes to our vocation to love and serve God and others
  • Apply the maxims of Jesus to moral decision-making
  • Apply the morals of the Parables to living in covenant with God and others

Christian Prayer:

  • Lead prayer
  • Relate the significance of Sacramental objects to enhance prayer experiences
  • Pray and reflect on how the Act of Love, Act of Hope and Act of Faith can be lived in daily life
  • Connect the Mysteries of the Rosary to the fulfillment of the Covenant

French Language Arts:

  • The impact of a message largely depends on the author’s word choices and style
  • Discovering other cultures encourages us to examine our own mores and values
  • Asking questions allows us to connect ideas and develop our ability to thin critically
  • The author transports the audience to a unique world that is a reflection of the former’s experiences and imagination
  • Reflecting on the form of the language improves the coherence of the message

English Language Arts:

Oral Language:

  • Resolving problems
  • Comparing ideas
  • Identifying purposes and perspectives
  • Using sequential organizers
  • Organizing information and practising delivery

Reading and Viewing:

  • Describing personal connections to texts
  • Analysing ideas and information in texts
  • Determining importance of ideas and information
  • Constructing and confirming meaning of text, using structure and features

Writing and Representing:

  • Writing a variety of well-developed texts
  • Writing to critique or defend positions
  • Selecting genre and form depending on purpose
  • Enhancing meaning and artistry in writing, using features and conventions of language

Social Studies:

  • Economic self-interest can be a significant cause of conflict among peoples and government
  • Complex global problems require international co-operation to make difficult choices for the future
  • Systems of government vary in their respect for human rights and freedoms
  • Media sources can both positively and negatively affect our understanding of important events and issues


  • Multicellular organisms rely on internal systems to survive, reproduce, and interact with their environment
  • Everyday materials are often mixtures
  • Newton’s three laws of motion describe the relationship between force and motion
  • The solar system is part of the Milky Way, which is one of billions of galaxies


  • Mixed numbers and decimal numbers represent quantities that can be decomposed into parts and wholes
  • Computational fluency and flexibility with numbers extend to operations with whole numbers and decimals
  • Linear relations can be identified and represented using expressions with variables and line graphs and can be used to form generalizations
  • Properties of objects and shapes can be described, measured, and compared using volume, area, perimeter, and angles
  • Data from the results of an experiment can be used to predict the theoretical probability of an event and to compare and interpret


  • Singing (mass prep, various songs)
  • Rhythms (rhythm flashcards, rhythm bingo)
  • Dance (line dance)
  • Various music studies
  • Instrument bingo, Music listening bingo
  • Recorder (review all notes, four skill tests)