The Physical Education program at Our Lady of Fatima school focuses on themes that enhance a child’s physical and health development from Grades K through 7.  We believe that all students can learn exercises and games, regardless of their physical ability. Students are offered choices of engaging activities that enable them to master basic movement and life skills and then progress to more strenuous exercises. The program teaches the value of cooperation, perseverance and teamwork.  


Indoor classes focus on the development of physical literacy, healthy and active living, and social and community health, through sports, such as volleyball and basketball, soccer, football, badminton, as well as through various other games played throughout the year. 


At Our Lady of Fatima we encourage all interested boys and girls of varying talents and abilities to join a sports team. Team sports are a place to learn the sport, practice the skills, accept each other’s abilities, make friends and have fun playing the sport. Our philosophy is to encourage all students to join a sports team no matter the ability level. We follow the principle of inclusivity. That is, as long as a player comes prepared to practice regularly, exercises sportsmanship and respects the coach, fellow players and opposing players, the player is guaranteed playing time.    

For more information on CISVA athletics, please visit CISVA Athletics Page 


Boys Soccer

Season: September – October
Grades: 4 – 7

Girls Soccer
Season: March – April
Grades: 4 – 7



Boys Volleyball  
Season: November
Grades: 6 – 7

Girls Volleyball
Season: September – November
Grades: 5 – 7




Boys Basketball
Season: December – March
Grades: 5 – 7

Girls Basketball
Season: December – March
Grades: 5 -7


Students from Grades 3 through 7 are invited to join our Track & Field team each spring. Our Lady of Fatima school is invited to participate in several track meets at other Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese. The Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese Athletic Association holds the final system wide Track Meet over a two-day period at Swanguard Stadium. 

Season: April – June  
Grades: 2 – 7
Boys & Girls Running Events (3-7)
Boys & Girls Long Jump (3-7)
Boys & Girls High Jump (4 -7)
Boys & Girls Shot Put (4 -7)
Boys & Girls Discus (5 -7)
Boys & Girls in-school Running Events (2)


In early September of each school year all students from Grades 2 to 7 are invited to join the Cross Country Team.  They will run with their coach and other parent supervisors at least twice a week at Como Lake to build up their strength and stamina.  The season ends in early October with the annual CISVA Cross Country Meet, which is typically held at Swanguard Stadium. 




Season: September- October

Grades: 2 – 7















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