The music program develops the whole body through movement, rhythm, singing and the emotional/spiritual connection to various forms of music.
The program at Our Lady of Fatima school for Kindergarten to Grade 7 includes singing (mass prep, fun songs with actions), rhythms (rhythm flashcards, rhythm bingo) and folkdance. Classical and various music study as well as Recorder study is introduced from Grade 3 onwards.


Chamber Choir
Grades: 3 – 7
Year – long commitment including practices once a week.
Students are accepted based on their merit and asked to solo certain pieces of music to determine vocal range, vocal quality, breath support, pitch awareness and stage presence. The students sing at school liturgies and Christmas and Spring concerts.


Grades: 4-7
Year – long commitment including practices once a week.
Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone.
Beginning Band: New students
Junior Band: Second year students
Senior Band: Third- and Fourth-Year returning students


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