Parent Participation Program

The Parent Participation Program (often referred to as PPH program), is intended to help support the school, building community while also decreasing the operational costs. As active parish community members, parents participate in various activities of the school. Parents cannot ask other adults or family members to complete their Participation Hours.

Our Lady of Fatima School relies on the participation of parents for various school jobs and events throughout the year. The annual commitment per family is 40 hours (volunteer participation) or $800 per year (financial participation), indicated by each family on the participation form included in the registration package. Each family submits 2 post dated checks ($400 each) with their registration package, one for the first cut-off date (January 31), and the second for the second cut-off date (last Saturday before the end of the school year).

Several other opportunities exist to complete the 40 hours throughout the year. Each participating family will seek out work for themselves, or request assistance to find activities to parentparticipation@fatimaschool.caThe list of coordinators and events are listed on OnVolunteers, the parent participation program website:

On a per-year basis, the 40 hours always include:

–  Five mandatory parking lot supervision shifts (3.75 hours), and

–  Two hours per child of Grade Event(s).

For more details about the Parent Participation Program, please refer to the 2020 – 2021 OLF Parent Handbook.

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